Tissue Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction following mastectomy is a deeply personal choice. Reconstruction options span from no reconstruction, to breast mound formation, to complete breast reconstruction with a pigmented nipple. Reconstruction can be immediate (at the time of breast removal) or delayed (after recovery from breast removal). The timing and type of reconstruction options available to the patient are based on a number of factors including tumor location and treatment protocol.

The following images are an artistic representation of procedure results and are intended for educational purposes only. These are not actual patients and are not intended to guarantee results that may be obtained with surgery. Out of respect for patient privacy, Dr. Vial does not publish patient photos on the internet.

Latissimus Dorsi Flap (back muscle/skin flap)

Latissimus dorsi flaps are available to women who have undergone radiation. Radiation can damage breast tissues so that they are too delicate to maintain an implant. Additional support for the implant can be created with a flap from the latissimus muscle and back skin. The flap is tunneled from the back to the chest under the armpit. Once in place the back muscle, back skin, and implant are used to create a breast.


Fat Grafting

With fat grafting, fat is taken from one part of the body via liposuction and injected into the chest to create a breast. Fat grafting must be done over multiple operations, as the amount of fat “take” following grafting can be as low as 30%. Multiple fat grafting sessions are often needed to achieve desired breast size.